Professional LPG Installation

We offer LPG installation at affordable prices, using only certified components.

At our service, we will install LPG for you in Tallinn on a turnkey basis, provide documents for LPG registration for technical inspection, and you can also buy separate components of gas equipment, order tuning or repair of existing gas equipment.



Maintenance and Repair of LPG

We ensure reliable operation of equipment with our LPG maintenance, preventing any malfunctions.

Like any other equipment, gas equipment needs maintenance, which allows for trouble-free operation and the absence of breakdowns in the vehicle's components and assemblies.

We recommend replacing cleaning filters and diagnosing the electronic control unit every 10,000 km.

Regular maintenance of gas equipment is an integral part of reliable and long-lasting vehicle operation.



Dismantling of Gas Equipment

Depending on the need, the dismantling of LPG can be either partial or complete.



Registration of LPG and Other Documents

Starting from 01.01.2023, the registration of gas equipment in Estonia is mandatory, and without it, the vehicle will not be able to pass the technical inspection.

We will provide you with all the necessary documents.




It's easier and simpler to conduct a preventive check than to later face expensive repairs.

at the first signs of malfunction, consult specialists!